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What is Eternal Square

Refers to the store who accept payment via digital currency "Eternal Coin".

With Smartphone in hand, it allows on-site payment at any store in various countries without wallet required.In addition, paying with Eternal Wallet is privileged to special discount than usual.

Let's experience the world with special deals!

What is Eternal Square

What is E-counter

Refers to an individual or company who provide the buy & sell services of Eternal Coin and other currencies.

In the case of Eternal Coin Exchange is out of the business hour, there will be also cashing & buying or selling services available.As long as there is E-counter nearby, exchange to local currency is available without existing of the Eternal Coin Exchange required.

And NOW, let's travel around the world with ONE Smartphone!

What is E-counter

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About E-counter Registration

Anyone can starts a low-cost business, as a sales spot & exchange spot, a brand new business form.
Anyone can easily make extra income.