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About Wallet

What is Wallet/Eternal Wallet?

Wallet/Eternal Wallet refers to a depository account on the internet that enables user to save the digital currency.

Is the wallet registration easy?

Yes. Cell phone number, Name, Password are the only things required, anyone is applicable.
※Upload of your Identity Card is required after the registration in order to unlock the full functions of the wallet.

Any registration fee required?

No, the registration is completely free of charge.

Where can I use it?

Regardless of the countries, send & receive digital currency among individuals, payment settlement, foreign currency exchange and more services are coming soon

How much does the transaction fee costs during money transfer or trading?

Using transmission function via wallet costs approximate 5 yen. (In the case of Japan)

Does it cost 5 yen also if sending the virtual currency overseas?

Yes, uniformly 5 yen will be charged in any country.

Is digital currency easy to encash?

Yes. Users can apply for withdrawal in anywhere once they have registered the information of designated bank account via wallet.

What to do after registered a wallet?

After the registration and to start using of wallet functions, user is required to convert the fiat currency (money) into digital currency.
Convert refers to: Peforms a deposit to the Eternal Coin Exchange, the deposited amount will be reflected as equivalent amount of digital currency to the wallet.

Every Exchange has their respective currency.
Japan Exchange-Eternal Live, issue digital currency "JPY" in equivalent amount of Japanese yen.
Philippine Exchange-TokenHub, issue digital currency "PHP" in equivalent amount of Philippine peso.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Exchange-Eternal HongKong, issue digital currency "HKD" in equivalent amount of Hong Kong dollar.
US Dollar
Hong Kong Exchange-Eternal HongKong, issue digital currency "USD" in equivalent amount of Hong Kong dollar.
Korea Exchange-Eternal Korea, issue digital currency "KRW" in equivalent amount of Korean wonr.

About Eternal Square

What is Eternal Square?

Refers to the store or company who accepts payment via digital currency.

What kind of stores do you have in Eternal Square?

There are various industries of shops and businesses have registered to Eternal Square. For more details, please refer to our search page.

What are the advantages of making payment via digital currency?

For Eternal Square stores, special discounts are available for first time customer and regular customer.
Therefore, users can consume the services at special price than usual at the stores around the world.

Is payment easy to operate?

Yes. It is as easy as 4 steps. 1. Click [Payment] in the wallet 2. Enter the store's phone number 3. Enter payment amount

Does it also applicable to Eternal Square at other countries?

Yes. Via wallet, user can make payment at any Eternal Square store at any country.

How much does Eternal Square registration costs?

Free. Store owner can register to Eternal Square in No Cost.

What are the advantages of register my store to Eternal Square?

Register your store to Eternal Square allows you to advertise your store on our popular website at NO COST regardless locally or abroad.
The store information will be published on the website that helps to create awareness for the local and global market.
and when the customer makes the payment via Eternal Wallet, there will be a special discount available to them.
Plus, the website offers multi-languages function to assist stores in approaching to foreign countries.

Is there any renewal costs for Eternal Square registration?

No. It is completely FREE. Instead of no cost required for Eternal Square registration and renewal, there will be 2 outlay which are:
1. The special discount for customer who pay via Eternal Coin.
2. 1% of the withdrawal amount as service fee upon request when user desire to encash the accumulated digital currency in the wallet.
Therefore, it can offset the cost compared to credit card payment.

About E-counter

What is E-counter?

E-counter refers to personal or company who offer services of trading Eternal Coin & other currencies individually. (Encashment Service/Individual Money Changer)

What are the advantages of trading via E-counter?

E-counter allows user to encash their digital currency in more flexible time and location. Even for the country without Eternal Coin Exchange available, or
during out of the Eternal Coin Exchange business hour, users will still able to trade or encash the digital currency.

How much does the service fee costs?

Every E-counter has their own service fee. Please confirm the service fee via E-counter website.

How to trade?

Click on [Foreign Currency Exchange], user can search the E-counter via the list or phone number.
※We suggest trading face to face between users and E-counter to secure the trade. (Eternal Coin Exchange shall not have direct contact with the E-counter, and will not responsible for any personall loss)
For more details, please refer to E-counter site policy.